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Such Bliss!!!! It’s time to breathe and dance freely in the Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man frees itself from the restrictions pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, throwing open businesses and schools, gyms, pubs, restaurants, and more. The people aren’t required to wear masks anymore and can step out and enjoy life.

After months of lockdown following the global pandemic, and social distancing norms, the government has completely lifted restrictions in the Isle of Man. People of the island are now allowed to move freely in the territory and without masks.

The Island has not come across any inexplicable cases of COVID-19 or any other related breakdown of the disease at the community level. The masses have religiously followed social distancing measures and restrictions that were laid in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The island has not witnessed a single covid-19 case in nearly the past 20 days, giving its people a huge sigh of relief.  Having tackled the pandemic successfully for a considerable period, the Isle of Man has now lifted all the restrictions pertaining to the global pandemic.

According to the reports of Sky News, Howard Quayle, the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man stated that the successful tackling of the disease was possible also because of the government’s “policy of eradication”. 

Mr. Quayle also explained that the only COVID cases that they had recently witnessed were the ones relating to travel. The government has, however, taken adequate steps to curb any chance of the disease spreading into the community, including a self-quarantine of 21 days for anyone who returns to the island. 

While the borders would remain closed, the businesses, schools, pubs, gyms, and restaurants are all set to reopen. The public services would also resume normal functioning in the days ahead. Social distancing and face coverings will be a matter of personal choice, Mr. Quayle added.

The island had taken over the headlines in December 2020, when a man was sent to jail for breaking the lockdown rules.

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