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UK likely to have a ‘wetter than normal’ start to the new year

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Met department has predicted severe rainfall and potential flooding in the UK in January and February.

The UK’s met department has warned that coming winter is likely to see more than usual rainfall.

It might be too soon to predict the severity of the rainfall or which part of the country will receive more rainfall, according to the Met department.

The warning was part of Met departments long-range forecast which indicates how the country’s weather might differ from normal several weeks in the future.

More details about the severity of the coming winter shower and what parts of the country will be more affected by it will become available one or two weeks before any significant weather event,

Dr Lang, head of civil contingencies, at a press briefing

In 2020, the UK experienced its wettest February ever due to Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis hitting the country consequently. Due to the storms, some areas like Cumbria, Wales and Yorkshire experienced flooding.

Autumn in the UK has left the soils wetter than average at the start of winter this year. A wetter than normal winter thus raises some serious flooding risks.

The director of the Environment Agency has assured that plans to deal with potential flood risk overwinter in a Covid safe way are already in place. He also asked people to stay prepared.

Met departments previous research found that as the world heats up due to global warming the winters in the UK will become warmer and wetter.

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