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A Deathly Dawn: Bloody day in the history of the FBI

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Two FBI agents shot dead, 3 others wounded in Sunrise, Florida. The suspect commits suicide.

Two FBI Agents were shot dead and 3 others were wounded in a fatal shootout in Sunrise, Florida, following an armed confrontation. The bloody incident broke out on the dawn of Tuesday when the investigators flounced into Water Terrace Apartment located in Sunrise in Florida, to investigate a case involving child pornography.  

Apparently, the subject of the investigation who killed himself,  is said to have been involved in the criminal activities against children as stated by the authorities, had blocked himself inside the complex and was found dead. 

George Piro, the leader of the FBI’s Miami field office said at a news conference that the suspect fired the agents as they arrived to execute the Federal Search warrant. 

“Today this grim reality has taken two of our best from our family. They were valuable members of the FBI and will forever be heroes.  We will always honor their ultimate sacrifice,” said Piro.

FBI Director Christopher A Wray has identified two agents who were shot to death as Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger.

The event has come out to be one of the darkest days in the history of the FBI. 

While the exact turn of events during the incident remains unclear, the neighbors confirm the shooting to have occurred around 6 am According to the reports, a resident of the apartment in the complex located to the west of Fort Lauderdale, near the Everglades, said that the storming police sirens got her woke from her sleep around 6 am. From the window of her room located on the ground floor, the concerned lady stepped out of her room to check the ongoings but was immediately redirected to her room by the police. 

Another resident in the neighborhood talked about hearing the gun firings. He stepped out of his place to look over from the fence and witnessed the police cars and ambulances making a rushed entrance in the premises. Reportedly, the police urged the residents to stay inside their homes. Also, the entrance to their community was blocked. 

The video footage from the local police station shows a frightful scene where the SWAT team thrust into the complex. Bloodstains were found outside the apartments.

As per the court records, Ms. Schwartzenberger was aged 43 and had been a part of the squad on the bureau’s Miami field office that investigates violent crimes against children. 

A mother of two, the lady had been working with the FBI since 2005. Mr. Alfrin was a 36 years old father to a child. A special agent since 2009, he was assigned to investigate with the Miami Child Exploitation task force. 

Expressing his grief President Joe Biden said: “They put their lives on the line and that’s hell of a price to pay.” ”My heart aches for their families,” he added.

In the past, a similar gun battle had taken place in Miami, 35 years ago, taking a toll on the life of 2 FBI agents, and injured 5 others. 

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