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A man chases his stolen Lamborghini on a ‘scooter’

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A US man shocked the world with his reaction to the theft of his luxury car. Noticing that someone outside had started his Lamborghini Urus and took it away, the first thing he did was chase him on a scooter instead of calling the police.

“I’m in my home. I hear this thing start up. I look out the window, and I see somebody driving it away. I got on the scooter, went after the guy,” says Chris Sander, from Miami Beach to the media local.

Sander saw his car parked on a sidewalk a few blocks away from his house and that’s where the situation got really weird. 

A man chases his stolen Lamborghini on a 'scooter'
Image Credit: News7Miami

Police identified the thief of the Urus, estimated at $ 200,000, as Andre Kalinine of 14 years. It seems that he was afraid of what he did and even asked the owner of the stolen car for advice.

According to Sanders, the young man told him that he had stolen the Lamborghini a few minutes ago, but did not have a license, could not drive, and did not know what to do.

“He said, ‘I stole a Lamborghini just now,’” Kalinine said.

“‘I don’t have a license. I can’t drive.’ I didn’t know if he had a weapon. I wasn’t sure how crazy he was. I was trying to talk and calm him down. He asked me for advice. He’s like, ‘I’m 14. I don’t know what to do.’ ‘You’re better off turning yourself in. They’re going to go much, much easier on you.’”

says Sanders, adding that he advised him to stop, that it would be easier for him that way

At the time of the conversation, a police officer was reportedly across the street with a gun pointed at the two men, demonstrating the incredible patience that the owner of the stolen Urus showed when speaking with the thief.

“Honestly, I can’t believe it happened, but thank God for the police,” Sander said.

“That’s all I’ve got to say.”

Kalinine appeared in court the day after the robbery and his next hearing is scheduled for June 18. 

Unfortunately for the teenager, according to different sources, this is not the first crime he has committed in the neighborhood.

Image Credit: News7Miami

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