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A police offer who has been awarded 7 times for saving other people’s lives dies in the US

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A traffic officer turned his car to get in the way of another vehicle, which had entered a highway in the opposite direction

Jesse Madsen, a traffic policeman from Tampa, in the US state of Florida, died this Tuesday, March 9, after suffering an accident on a highway. The events took place on Interstate 275 when a vehicle entered the opposite direction and at high speed for unknown reasons.

The 45-year-old police officer realized the dangerous situation that could occur if the car rammed into oncoming vehicles. According to some witnesses, he turned his car to collide with the vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, thus preventing other drivers from being involved.

The impact was so great that it caused the death of the police officer and also the driver of the other car, identified by Fox News as Joshua Daniel Montague, 25, of Golden, Colorado. The Tampa police could not explain why he entered the freeway in the opposite direction if it was due to a mistake or for other causes that will determine the investigation.

A very dear man

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan explained that the deceased officer “won the award for saving lives seven times during his career. Now, we have reason to believe that he had gotten in the way of this oncoming car to protect to others”. A piece of information obtained after speaking with several witnesses.

Chief Dugan does not doubt the value of his agent “When you look at someone who has won a life-saving award seven times, it’s no wonder he made such a quick decision and did it.” An action that caused his death, leaving behind a wife and three children of 10, 12 and 16 years respectively.

The head of the Tampa police has not hesitated to praise the officer who fell in the act of service and his colleagues wanted to pay him an emotional tribute by escorting his mortal remains down the highway. Jesse Madsen was a very special person, who wanted to be a police officer since he was 8 years old and who ended up giving his life to save the lives of others.

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