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Brinnon Firefighters rescue dog from 25ft deep hole after pooch’s mother and brother tracked its scent for over a mile

We almost gave up the search - it was the craziest miracle you've ever seen

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Indie, a two-year-old Cane Corso, went missing after Easter dinner on Sunday [April 4]. 

Owner Nick Finelli, 34, a businessman, spent the night searching for his beloved pooch and almost gave up hope of finding the dog alive. 

But the next day Indie’s mother Bella and brother Sonny led Nick to the astonishingly deep hole where Indie was trapped.

Nick, of Jefferson County, Washington, said: “My sister who lives next door to me messaged me saying that Indie was missing. 

“My sister was out all night searching for her and I went out at three in the morning looking for her. 

“We live in 300 acres of forest land and we almost gave up the search.” 

Nick turned to Bella, four, and Sonny, two, for help. 

“I told Bella: ‘We need to go and find your daughter’. 

“I had this confidence that they were going to find her. 

“I drove down to where she was last seen and I said: ‘Go find Indie’.”

Nick said that the two hounds put their noses to the ground and took off tracing the missing pooch, leading him to the deep hole in the earth. 

“Both of the dogs were standing at the top of the hole. 

“It looked like a perfect circular hole. 

“We couldn’t even see the bottom – we threw a rock down to see if we could hear it hit the bottom.” 

Nick heard Indie’s whines and moans from inside the hole. 

“We heard a little whiny noise, she was whimpering. 

“We started the rescue. 

“When I saw her, I noticed she wasn’t injured. 

“She looked up at me, wagging her tail.” 

Nick decided it was too dangerous to go down himself and called emergency services. 

Ten firefighters from Brinnon Fire Department arrived and began the two-hour long process to bring Indie safely out of the deep hole. 

The team pumped fresh air into the hole and then firefighter Tye Seeley descended into the earth before assessing Indie for injuries and bringing her back up to the surface unharmed.

Nick said: “My dogs are my family. 

“It would have been really bad if we hadn’t found her. 

“We almost gave up the search – it was the craziest miracle you’ve ever seen. 

“Sonny just knew he had to find his sister and Bella had to find her daughter.”

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