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DNA links Thornton man to 1987 rape and murder, sentenced to life in prison

DNA solves three-decades-old rape and murder case.

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For the assassination and savage attack of 20-year-old soldier Darlene Krashoc in 1987, Michael Whyte has been jailed.

After 30 years, a thornton man was found guilty of the rape and murder of a 20-year-old woman.

A Thornton man was convicted Thursday of first-degree murder for allegedly raping and strangling a 20-year-old Fort Carson soldier in southern Colorado Springs more than three decades ago, according to The Gazette.

According to authorities, Krashoc was attacked on a night out and beaten, raped, and mutilated by a murderer who dumped her naked body outside the old Korean Club Restaurant in the 2700 block of South Academy Boulevard.

The case was initially dismissed as unsolved, but that changed 32 years later, when the Colorado Springs police contacted a firm that specialises in genetic genealogy.

As the murderer’s DNA was found on many pieces of evidence at the scene, police used Consumer DNA websites to look for genetic profiles matching the culprit. Parabon NanoLabs was contracted to check these datasets.

According to The Gazette, their DNA search led them to Whyte, who was previously unknown to police but was a 24-year-old soldier at Fort Carson at the time period of the murder.

Colorado Springs police investigators went to Whyte’s new residence of Thornton and followed him to a restaurant, where they retrieved a used cup and discovered that his saliva on the rim matched the DNA profile developed from multiple items left at the scene.

According to the publication, the now-60-year-old was detained in 2019 and DNA from inside his cheek was tested to confirm.

Fourth Judicial District Michael McHenry scheduled a sentencing hearing, and Whyte was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Image Credit: Police/Army

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