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Lamborghini owner faces charges after sharing a video at more than 340 km / h

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Manish Saini
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A 33-year-old man faces reckless driving charges due to a video shared on social media in which he allegedly drives his Lamborghini at more than 340 kilometers per hour.

The Indiana State Police opened an investigation into Gabriel Sleiman after they were informed about a recording published on YouTube on November 18. 

In the now-deleted video, a black Lamborghini is allegedly seen running down 213 miles per hour on I-465.

According to local authorities, the images show the car accelerating rapidly until its speedometer reaches a speed of 213 miles per hour — just under 343 kilometers per hour. The lambo then slows down.

In the framework of a subsequent investigation, carried out by experts from the Indiana State Police, it was estimated that the vehicle passed another car on the highway at a speed of 198 m / h – about 320 km / h.

Investigators identified Sleiman as the driver of the vehicle after reviewing old social media posts in which the man talks about street racing and buying his Lamborghini, according to police records cited by IndyStar.

According to the outlet, Sleiman told officials that, in fact, the Lamborghini in the video in question is his. The man, however, claims that his car is not capable of reaching the speed shown in the video and that the images are “deceptively edited” to make his car appear faster.

According to state court records, cited by IndyStar, Sleiman has received and paid 15 traffic tickets related to speeding in the state of Indiana since 2006, the last of them being in July.

In addition to the YouTube channel where he has shared numerous videos of the Lamborghini in question, Sleiman also has an Instagram account where he shares similar recordings. According to The Drive, the videos show many other speed limit violations.

Sleiman is due to appear in court on April 30.

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