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Nursery teacher discovers 12 pearls in her oyster dinner

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Keely Hill grew up in Kansas City and had no interest in oysters after relocating to the south, but since moving to New Orleans 12 years ago, her palate has changed.

A woman discovered 12 pearls while eating oysters.

Keely Hill spotted the diamonds while dining at Superior Seafood in New Orleans.

While eating her dinner, the nursery teacher slurped back the oyster and realized she had crunched one of the pearls between her teeth but fortunately did not swallow the rest.

Keely told Nola.com: “I bit (the oyster) in half and felt them on my tongue”

“I definitely ate one, I crushed it in my teeth.”

Jordan Gallet of Superior Seafood where the pearls were discovered said: “The most I ever got was nine. I counted them myself. I was shocked.”

He opens over 2,500 oysters per day but averages one or two pearls per week.

Keely grew up in Kansas City and moved to New Orleans with no interest in oysters.

However, her shift 12 years ago changed her palate.

She had previously been eating oysters at another restaurant, Basin Seafood, on the day she discovered the oysters, but did not imagine finding enough to make her own jewelry.

The seafood enthusiast now wishes to design a ring to carry the twelve jewels in memory of her late aunt Cathy.

Keely described them as being as close as mother and daughter, and she recalled her aunt encouraging her.

The rustic unpolished pearls vary in size and are not considered to be very valuable.

But she says her aunt used to tell her: “The world is your oyster,” when trying, they are priceless.

Image Credit: Getty

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