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One dead and several injured in a shooting in Texas

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Kamal Saini
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A gunman shot six people, killing one, at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, Police Department Chief Eric Buske said at a news conference.

Four people were transported to St. Joe Hospital in critical condition with gunshot injuries, one other person was transported with no injuries — apparently, it was an asthma attack — and one person was deceased at the scene, he said.

According to the police, the condition of several victims is critical. The shooter has not yet been detained.

City police on Twitter said that all of the injured were hospitalized. 

“The suspect remains at large. The investigation is still in progress,” added the law enforcement officials.

“It’s a business so there’s a lot of employees that were inside,” he said, “and (police are) investigating who saw what and how it all transpired.”

As for the suspect, “we’re trying to find the connection to him and this business, and then we’ll be able to figure out exactly who we’re looking for and be able to get that out to the public.”

On another side, U.S. President Joe Biden reacted to the incident. According to him, the use of weapons in the U.S. has become an epidemic and an international disgrace, which, annually cost the state $280 billion.

Also, speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House, he said that the country is expecting measures to tighten regulation in the field of arms trafficking.  

At the same time, he stressed that the proposal of his administration does not contradict the second amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees the right of citizens to keep and carry weapons.

“Today we are taking steps to counter not only the shooting crisis, but also what is really a crisis in the health sector. Nothing I am going to recommend will affect the second amendment in any way,” he stressed.

Biden said that in the US “316 people are shot every day and 106 of them die,” he continued, adding that the government “has a duty to ensure the safety of its citizens.”

“This is an epidemic that needs to be stopped,” he repeated.

The president also called for banning assault weapons and high-capacity shops in his country.

Biden called for a fight against the American arms lobby, depriving it of support from the legislative branch of government.

“And we also need to strip firearms manufacturers of the immunity that Congress grants them. The only industry in America that cannot be sued is firearms manufacturers,” the head of state said.

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