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Oregon changes the racist phrases of its anthem

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Manish Saini
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The resolution put forward modifies the text of its anthem to remove racist phrases and make it more inclusive, which will reflect the “significant cultural, historical, economic and social evolution” of the state, the local Oregonian newspaper reported.

The Parliament of the state of Oregon, in the United States, has passed a resolution to modify the lyrics of the state anthem to eliminate racist language and make the text more inclusive.

Thus, resolution number 11 modifies the lyrics while maintaining the music of ‘Oregon, my Oregon’, which will reflect the “significant cultural, historical, economic and social evolution” of the state since the anthem was adopted in 1927.

The modification involves a change in the first verse of the song, which referred to Oregon as a place “conquered and led by free men; the most beautiful and the best,” according to information from the newspaper ‘The Oregonian’.

In the second verse, Parliament has decided to replace “blessed by the blood of martyrs” with “blessed by the love of freedom”. Despite the fact that the song is usually played in ceremonies and at the beginning of each legislature, many citizens of the state do not know the anthem.

The new lyrics have been proposed by Beaverton resident Amy Shapiro

“The changes it includes are small but profound,” he said. 

“Old-fashioned and offensive, the words of the anthem glorified oppression and murder, ” he said before clarifying that they have now been replaced by “inspiring” words that reflect the “natural beauty” of Oregon.

“It had to be changed or no one would continue singing it. If we do it like this, people will like it and we will not eliminate the story,” he said. The resolution now passes to the governor, Kate Brown, for ratification.

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