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Phlebotomist obsessed with blood stabbed Ex to “surprise” new boyfriend

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Julia Enright acted out the bizarre ideas she had written about in her journal. Enright was convicted in March of this year, and the family of her victim spoke out about how his horrible death had tormented them.

Working as a phlebotomist in a clinical laboratory meant Julia Enright wasn’t afraid of touching blood. Even in her private life, Enright was fascinated with blood.

In fact, her obsession was becoming uncontrollably out of hand.

In 2018, the 21-year-old would work during the day and then work as a dominatrix at night, promoting herself as Mistress Jasmine on business cards. Enright was a fan of BDSM and freely claimed that “blood play” was a part of her sex life.

She fashioned art out of animal bones and kept animals in jars, known as “wet specimens,” as well as vials of blood, at her house in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

Phlebotomist obsessed with blood stabbed Ex to
Phlebotomist obsessed with blood stabbed Ex to “surprise” new boyfriend

Enright had met Brandon Chicklis while riding the bus two years prior while attending a vocational technical high school. They dated for a while despite their vast differences.

Brandon, a former boy scout, was thoughtful and nice. He was also noted for his eccentricity and crazy chuckle. Perhaps the couple bonded because they were both outsiders.

They’d have sex in her neighbor’s treehouse, which Enright had secured with handcuffs. However, by 2018, they had broken up and were only friends.

Brandon found a new girlfriend as Enright began seeing Jonathan Lind. He worked as a heating specialist and hoped to one day open his own company.

Brandon’s family then reported him missing on June 24. He’d said he was going to see a relative the day before but never showed up. He had been looking forward to turning 21, and his disappearance was unusual.

A week later, his abandoned Honda was discovered at a grocery store.

A jogger discovered a body left on the side of a highway in Rindge, New Hampshire, close across the state boundary from Massachusetts, a week later.

It was Brandon. He’d been stabbed a dozen times, and his body had been wrapped in a blanket, tarpaulin, and sheet before being packed into two duct-taped garbage bags. His shirt had 12 slits, despite the fact that his body was badly decayed.

Investigators examined Brandon’s phone records and discovered that his phone was connected to Enright’s address on the day he vanished. She’d invited him to come to see her and instructed him to keep their encounter “secret.”

Used condoms and knives

When police went to her home, they found some disturbing things. Along with the blood and animal carcasses, there was a bucket of animal organs. There were also used condoms and several knives.

Then, officers searching the area found blood in the neighbour’s treehouse. It was on the stairs, inside the structure and under it – and it was found to be Brandon’s blood.

At first, Enright said she hadn’t seen Brandon that day. Then she said she had seen him but he’d gone to buy drugs and hadn’t returned.

But investigators found a message Enright had sent her boyfriend the night before the killing that read, “Do you think we could add bubbles to the blood bath?”

Moments later, Enright had invited Brandon to meet her at the treehouse the next day. Cops determined she had lured him to the spot and then stabbed him to death. But why?

After Brandon’s death, Enright had written in her journal, “It was a form of a present. I did it just for him. That was my intention.” She’d also written that her boyfriend may not have liked her “surprise”.

Had Enright killed Brandon as a twisted gesture to her boyfriend? Cops probing the killing had found disturbing entries in her journal. “I daydream about it occasionally,” she wrote in one. “I just have this insatiable curiosity to kill a person.”

After Brandon’s death, she also wrote that she’d been aroused by an event. When questioned, Enright said the event she’d referenced was robbing a grave and giving Lind the bones – not killing Brandon.

Two weeks after Brandon’s body was found, Enright was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The case hit the headlines. Dominatrix, grave robber, kinky sex in a treehouse – the shock factor was high.

Prosecutors discovered that before Brandon’s death, Enright had tried to bribe staff at an abortion clinic to let her take a foetus home. But she claimed she wouldn’t have done it and the request was just part of her “outrageous persona”.

Her trial started in November last year. The prosecution said Enright enticed Brandon to the BDSM-themed treehouse and stabbed him to death as a surprise for her new boyfriend.

She had tried several times before and Brandon had finally relented. “She lured him into a trap,” the prosecutor said.

Before Brandon arrived at the treehouse, Enright had covered the floor with the tarpaulin and the blanket. She had also bought ropes and chains, which were never found.

One witness testified that Enright would try to speed up a dead animal’s decomposition by wrapping it in tarpaulin.

After the stabbing, she had washed her clothes and had a sushi dinner with Lind. She had also sent Brandon several messages to establish an alibi, including one that read, “Why didn’t you show up and meet me?” Enright then kept texting him to ask if he was OK.

The defence had a very different story to the prosecution – and it was one no one had heard before.

They said Enright had invited Brandon to the treehouse for sex but changed her mind when Lind messaged her. They said Brandon had ignored her requests to stop, forced her into a corner and tried to rape her.

Enright, they went on, had then closed her eyes and stabbed him with a knife she always carried with her. “He just wasn’t stopping and I pulled the knife out,” she said.

Befriended by a ‘demon’

While on the stand, Enright said that after the killing, Lind had helped her cover it up by dumping Brandon’s body.

But Enright hadn’t mentioned the attempted rape in any earlier conversations.

And her defence also claimed that detailing her “alternative lifestyle” was an attempt to discredit her.

Despite her efforts, Enright was found guilty of second-degree murder.

Two weeks later, Lind was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact to murder. He pleaded not guilty and awaits trial.

In March this year, Enright was sentenced and Brandon’s family gave statements about how his brutal death had tormented them.

His mum, Trisha Edwards-Lamarche, said her son’s death had broken them all.

“Every day when I drive to work, I get to choose: Do I drive by where she dumped my son’s body today, or do I drive by where she dumped his car?” she told the judge. “What I would give for one more moment with my son. Just one more moment.”

Brandon’s dad, Paul Chicklis, said Enright was a “demon” who had befriended Brandon and visited his family home before turning on him. He added that his son’s last moments haunt him. And other loved ones begged for the harshest sentence possible.

Enright also addressed the court. “There is not a day goes by that I don’t think about this or don’t wish I could go back,” she said. “I’m sorry to everyone.”

Now 24, she was given life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

As her morbid curiosities and sexual desires became ever more extreme, the line between fantasy and reality became blurred – and the tragic cost of her obsession was Brandon’s life.

Source: Mirror

Image Credit: Getty

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