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Shooting in the city of Philadelphia leaves several injured

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A gunman with two firearms shot eight people near a train station of the regional transportation authority in the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, east)

A mass-shooting broke out near a SEPTA train station in Philadelphia. Almost 8 people are believed to have fallen victim to the abrupt gun-firing that took place on Wednesday around 2:50 pm.

The authorities have confirmed about holding one perpetrator in custody and have recovered two firearms that were used in the shooting. Seven victims were urgently hospitalized, whereas the eighth victim whom the police weren’t aware of, went to the Albert Einstein Medical Centre with the wounded stomach on his own. Two victims are said to have shot at the back, while the other three are believed to have shot in the ankle, leg, and arm respectively.

According to the reports, the victims have been found to be in the age group of 17 to 71 years, out of which the 71-year-old man who was shot once in the stomach and multiple times in legs is said to be in a highly critical condition, while others are stable as yet.

The cops have verified that they were called near the Olney Transportation Center and Albert Einstein Medical Center around 2:50 in the afternoon.

Danielle Outlaw, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner said that they succeeded in taking one man in custody since other officers were occupied with other tasks. He also stated about the possibility of other shooters that they aren’t aware of and that they were trying to trace if all the 18 casings that they found were from the same firearm.

“It’s not for our lack of presence out here, but I think it’s very telling that folks willing to engage in these shootings are becoming more and more emboldened whether we’re here or not,” he added.

The police are investigating the matter while trying to find witnesses and also probe into the security footage.

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