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US President-Elect son Hunter Biden Under Federal Criminal Investigation

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Hunter Biden Dealings with China is the focus of federal investigation against him.

Hunter Biden is once again under investigation by federal authorities for his business dealings with China, a source familiar with the probe revealed. His Father President-Elect Joe Biden is not implicated under this investigation.

This investigation was in motion before the US presidential elections but went covert during the election months due to the rule of the justice department prohibiting overt investigations that might affect elections.

The federal prosecutors from Delaware are working with IRS and FBI, they are now openly issuing subpoenas and seeking interviews with people, said the source.

The prosecutors are investigating multiple charges, like tax violations and money laundering. They are examining whether Hunter Biden and his known associates violated any of these laws during their business dealing with foreign countries with china.

The investigation began in 2018 when William bar was appointed US attorney general. During the investigation, the FBI took possession of a laptop. President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani has alleged that the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden and has incriminating evidence on it. FBI and Deleware prosecutors have refused to acknowledge that there is any such investigation going on.

The reason behind the focus of the investigation being Hunter’s dealings with China is assumed to be his dealings with a Chinese company. He was involved in securing a deal with CEFC China Energy to invest in US energy projects in 2017. During the negotiations of this dealing Hunter allegedly received a gift of a 2.8-carat diamond from founder and former chairman Ye Jianming after a meeting in Miami. Clarifying the matter Hunter told the New Yorker Magazine in 2019 that he gave the diamond to another associate of his as he was uncomfortable receiving such gifts and had no idea what that associate did with the diamond.

Whether the gift is part of the investigation is unclear but such a gift could have tax implication for Biden and how they were dealt with was unclear from what he told the New Yorker. Hunter Biden had also acted as a lawyer for Patric Ho, who headed an organization backed by CEFC, he was convicted for paying huge bribes to officials in Chad and Uganda to benefit CEFC energy projects in those countries. Ho was found guilty and sentenced to a three-year federal prison term.

When contacted for a statement by CNN Hunter Biden released a statement stating that he has only recently got to know about the investigation by U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware after his legal counsel was contacted for the same. He acknowledged that his Tax Affairs are under investigation by the department of justice. He also added that he is confident that a fair and objective review of the matter will only help to demonstrate that he handled his affairs legally.

New Challenge for Joe Biden

Joe Biden in his recent interviews has said that he will maintain the Independence of the Justice Department and will refrain from interfering in any investigation that the department is undertaking. This investigation can prove to be an issue for President-elect as Republicans will surely use the investigation to imply that Hunter Biden’s dealings in china will be a conflict of interest for Joe Biden as president when it comes to dealing with the foreign policy with Bejing.

Although, Joe Biden is not implicated in the investigation as maintained by the Justice department but this investigation can be a real pickle for the President-elect in the future.

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