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27 dead, 12 hurt after a minibus crashes into Oil Tanker in Ukraine – Video

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At least 27 people were killed in a road accident in Ukraine’s northern Rovenska area, Strana daily said on its Telegram channel, quoting Ukrainian Interior Minister’s Aide Anton Gerashchenko.

On Tuesday night, a traffic accident involving a minivan, a passenger bus, and a fuel tank truck occurred near the town of Sitnoye on the Kiev-Chop route. Following the accident of three automobiles, a fire broke out.

“Only 12 out of 38 passengers on board of the bus survived,” the daily quoted Gerashchenko as saying.”

According to preliminary inquiry findings, the fatal crash in the country’s northwest was caused by the minivan’s driver, who was also killed in the disaster.

According to the Strana daily, this traffic disaster is the largest to occur on Ukrainian roads in the last decade.

The scene of the accident is about 100 kilometers from the Polish border. 

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You were reading: 27 dead, 12 hurt after a minibus crashes into Oil Tanker in Ukraine – Video

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