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3-yr-old Hospitalized With Severe Burns After Spilling Hot Oil

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The victim’s family insists that no one is to blame and asked for help in dealing with their daughter’s treatment.

In a restaurant in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, Argentina a three-year-old girl was the victim of unexplained negligence. As she was exiting the kitchen, an employee bumped and spilt boiling oil over her.

Her mother lamented, “Briana is terribly ill, her face is completely burned.”

3-yr-old girl Hospitalized With Severe Burns After Spilling Hot Oil
3-yr-old girl Hospitalized With Severe Burns After Spilling Hot Oil

“Her whole face, neck and arms are burned, it breaks my heart to see her like this,” the mother told the local broadcaster. A total of twelve percent of her body was burned by the oil accident. For now, Briana has a long recovery ahead of her. She is currently waiting for a possible skin transplant if her body does not recover on its own.

So far, they have not received an apology from the restaurant, according to the mother.

In dialogue with the program Nosotros a la Mañana (Eltrece) , the woman said that while they were waiting for the food to be brought to them, Briana got up from the table because she wanted to go to the bathroom and, almost in parallel, a local employee suddenly came out from the kitchen and bumped into the girl.

“She was carrying a pan with boiling oil and it spilled on her,” she said.

Graciela remembers her daughter’s cries of pain and herself asking for help, but they were practically alone. There was only one couple beside them eating at the place and they called an ambulance, which never came.

“A patrol car transferred us because no one came,” remarked Graciela, who is also the mother of a five-year-old boy and is four months pregnant.

Briana received the first treatment at the nearest hospital, but due to the seriousness of the burns she suffered, she was referred first to the Hospital for Burns and later, as there was no bed there, she was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in La Plata, where she is still hospitalized.

Three-year girl Hospitalized With Severe Burns After Spilling Hot Oil

“She has her whole face, neck, arms burned, it breaks my soul to see her like this,” said the woman. On the other hand, she emphasized “the abandonment of the person” that she felt from those responsible for the restaurant. “They still haven’t contacted me, they haven’t even apologized,” Graciela stressed, after which she indicated that all they did was throw “a bucket of cold water” on Briana to refresh her skin as soon as the accident occurred.

Still in shock and unable to stop crying, the mother said that she had had to go to do some paperwork that day and had no one to leave the baby with, so she took her with her. When it was noon, she passed by a fast food place and wanted to give her daughter a treat.

“Once a month I take her to eat a hamburger with fries because she likes it, and I took it all burned,” she closed in anguish.

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