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A Large Meteor Lights up Skies in Scotland

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Kamal Saini
Kamal Saini
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Many people reported hearing a loud blast as the object reached Earth’s atmosphere.

Around 9 pm on Wednesday, September 14, a meteorite was seen above Scotland traveling very slowly overhead.

The UK Meteor Network, a group that gathers information on meteors, posted tweets about the celestial body.

A video taken in the backyard of a home in Motherwell depicts a big, light object moving from left to right at an angle downward, followed by a long tail. The meteor was reportedly observed over County Donegal in Ireland, according to other accounts.

As the object entered Earth’s atmosphere and broke the sound barrier, many people claimed to have heard a huge bang.

Initial reports state that the asteroid traveled from the southwest across Scotland and the island of Ireland.

In one video taken in Dublin, a meteor is seen turning the night sky green.

Image Credit: The UK Meteor Network

You were reading: A Large Meteor Lights up Skies in Scotland

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