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An Orthodox priest throws acid on seven bishops and three others in Athens

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Those allegedly attacked (including the policeman who arrested the cleric) were hospitalized due to burns

A police officer arrested on June 23 in Athens (Greece) an Orthodox priest accused of attacking seven bishops and three other people with acid. The religious has caused serious injuries to some of those affected. Apparently, this 37-year-old man had been formally removed from his duties in the cult for misconduct prior to the event.

As reported by the local media, people who were allegedly attacked (including the police officer who arrested the cleric) were hospitalized due to burns. Fortunately, most of them were discharged this Thursday, June 24.

The images of the event, which have been broadcast on Greek television, show a room with the walls splattered with blood and acid. The black robes that the religious wore (and that they had to discard) were similarly stained.

Condemned by the highest authority

The governing Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church described the attack as “abhorrent and unprecedented,” confirming that the suspect had been removed from the priesthood after holding the lower rank of deacon.

Church officials said he was removed for “ecclesiastical and criminal offenses” including fraud and illegal possession of drugs, adding that he had made threatening posts on social media ahead of Wednesday’s hearing.

The suspect’s lawyer, Andreas Theodoropoulos, has indicated that his client “is a psychiatric patient who is taking strong medication.” 

According to the lawyer, “he did not fully comprehend the consequences of his action … but was responding to a perceived injustice.” 

On the contrary, the Greek president Katerina Sakellaropoulou and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, have condemned what happened.

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