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Dubai calls for a shut after witnessing a stark upsurge in the coronavirus cases

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Reportedly, an increase in the violation of preventive measures of tackling the coronavirus has resulted in a sharp rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country.

Dubai has ordered a shutdown of its bars and pubs, with effect from Tuesday until the end of February, following a stark increase in coronavirus cases. The order has come in the wake of violation of preventive and control measures to curb the menace of the pandemic.

A massive influx of social media influencers, especially from Britain, was witnessed in the UAE’s magnanimous complex of bars and clubs, following Christmas and New Year.

The flooding of large chunks of people has resulted in an upsurge in coronavirus cases. UAE was also added to the ‘red list’ of countries during the last week, imposing a ban on non-citizens from traveling to the UK. All the direct flights from Dubai to the UK have therefore been suspended, while the citizens choosing to fly via indirect flights will be required to undergo strict measures of isolation.

A spokesman from the Dubai Media Office held the violations of precautionary measures responsible for the closure of pubs and bars.

The social media celebrities have been condemned for fleeing the lockdown in the UK and traveling to the sunny spots for a sunny vacation amid the challenging COVID times.

Cafes and restaurants will be required to be shut by 1:00 am. Cinema halls and sports vicinity will function with their capacities halved. Public amenities such as hotels, shopping malls, and swimming pools will work with seventy percent capacity.

Dubai has managed to survive the economic crisis caused by a massive interruption in their tourism as a result of the global pandemic. Having faced a total of 859 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, the UAE has now embarked on a journey of rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines to its population of nearly 10 million.

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