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In Indonesia, a ferry with 195 tourists on board caught fire

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Aakash Molpariya
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The fire started in the engine room of the liner for unknown reasons. None of those on board were injured.

In eastern Indonesia on Saturday, May 29, there was a fire on the tourist ferry KM Karya Indah after leaving the port, there were 195 people on board. 

According to the source, the ferry departed from Ternate in the province of North Malku to the port of Sananu on the remote island of Limafatola. The vessel began to burn 15 minutes after sailing.

To escape the fire, some passengers, including 22 children, jumped overboard the burning liner. Rescuers and fishermen took people out of the water.

The rest of the passengers and 14 crew members were evacuated. As a result of the accident, no one was injured, although there was a panic on the ship.

It is noted that the fire started in the engine room of the ferry for unknown reasons. The fire completely destroyed the ship. Investigation has begun.

The ship burned out completely.

“We have secured the entire crew for questioning regarding the cause of the burning of the ship,” said Arifin Laode Buri – the Deputy Chief of Police for the Sula Islands, Police Commissioner.

Initially, it was reported that there were no casualties, but later it turned out that during the rescue operation, 275 people were taken out of the water. This means that at least 94 passengers boarded the ship without a ticket. 

After that, one person was reported missing.

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