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Moscow warns Poland for being ‘NATO’s Front Line’

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Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Poland’s increasingly provocative actions and public support for Ukraine are turning the country into “NATO’s front line.”

Moscow has warned Poland that its increasingly confrontational actions and public backing for Ukraine are turning the country into “NATO’s front line,” according to new statements by Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman and former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.

In what appears to be a disguised threat, he stated that this is “dangerous” even for broader European security.

“Polish propaganda is accustomed to pinning all problems on Russia, in this sense it is similar to that of the Baltics and Ukraine,” he said on the Solovyov Live show, according to words later translated by official media.

“On Polish television, without a twinge of conscience, they have displayed a map of the partition of Ukraine… Its clear that this cannot be done legally. But Warsaw has a long-tried method of justifying its unseemly actions by skillfully using anti-Russian rhetoric,” Medvedev added.

For more than a week, Medvedev has been claiming that the United States is a “puppeteer” behind modern Poland.

The Washington Examiner relayed Medvedev’s views as released in an essay to social media networks earlier this month as follows:

The piece, which was published on Medvedev’s Telegram channel, argued that Poland and Russia have a long and “common history” that predestines them to cooperate, but that the Poles had been misled by the US, “their puppeteers from across the ocean with clear signs of senile insanity.”

Following this, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev recently stated that Moscow may be obliged to close its embassy in Warsaw as a result of Polish authorities’ decision to remove 45 Russian diplomats accused of spying, or at least suspected of spying, while the Ukraine war continues.

Medvedev’s most recent remarks, in particular, are directed at Poland’s failure to honor vital gas contracts…

As explained by Medvedev: “In 2020, Warsaw imported up to 10 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, but now it intends to abandon previous contracts. The volume of gas supplies from Russia to Poland this year has already decreased by 13% compared to last year.” 

He also highlighted: “Reverse supplies of the same Russian gas have been proposed as a replacement from Germany, as well as imports of LNG from Qatar, Norway and the United States. Economic benefits have fallen victim to bad political decisions.”

He named Poland as one of the countries spearheading the drive to shut down the Nord Stream 2 natural gas transit project from Russia to Germany, but he predicted that the Poles would suffer the consequences of their ‘poor’ decision-making.

“It won’t likely come to a diplomatic breakdown. We may be forced to close our embassy here for a while. Of course, the Poles would have to close theirs in Moscow,” he said in the interview.

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