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A plane makes an emergency landing after a passenger refused to wear a mask

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A Japanese plane had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the flight after a passenger refused to wear a mask.

Before the plane took off from the Kushiro airport in Hokkaido, northern Japan, staff members of the Japanese low-cost airline Peach Aviation noticed that a passenger was sitting without a mask.

The crew asked him to put it on to comply with health regulations, but he refused.

He inadvertently continued to comply with the guidelines after the plane took off and even started yelling when flight attendants warned him again of the consequences of not wearing a mask. In the end, the aircraft made an unplanned stop at the Japanese Niigata airport.

The crew left the passenger on the ground and the plane arrived at its scheduled destination, Kansai Airport in Osaka Prefecture in the west of the country, two hours and 15 minutes later than planned due to the incident.

There were 124 other passengers on board the flight, with some of them expressing concern about the man’s aggressive behaviour.

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