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The bet is on more affordable 5G smartphones. When will this change?

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Kamal Saini
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With the current rise in prices, choosing even among 4G devices, buyers often give preference to cheap devices. According to IHS Markit, the best-selling mobile phone in the first half of 2019, the iPhone XR for $ 749. This is the most affordable iPhone from the 2018 Apple lineup. The second most popular was the Samsung Galaxy A10, but not the Galaxy S10, which was released in March with a price tag of $ 1,000.

5G admission ticket for $ 1000

The first 5G-enabled smartphones typically cost more than a thousand dollars. So, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Note 10 Plus 5G will cost $ 1300. By the way, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without 5G support sells for $ 200 cheaper, and the gap between the 5G and 4G versions of the Galaxy S10 is $ 400 altogether. The flexible Galaxy Fold with 5G in China is available for $ 2000, and for the US market only comes with a 4G modem for $ 1980.

The situation for other brands is similar. Sprint offers LG V50 ThinQ for $ 1,152, while for OPPO Reno 5G they ask for $ 1,030. The cost of the HUAWEI Mate X, which will be on the shelves next month, is likely to be $ 2600. Of course, with such prices, 5G models will simply be inaccessible to the mass consumer.

Potential hit – Samsung A90 5G

At the IFA 2019, the South Korean corporation announced that since May it has sold about 2 million gadgets with 5G support. By the end of the year, this number should grow to 4 million. In total, from the beginning of 2019, Samsung has sold about 76.3 million smartphones.

It is predicted that before the end of the year, the Galaxy A90, which debuted at the IFA, will sell over two million copies. It costs $ 827 – almost $ 500 less than other 5G devices of the same brand.

In fact, the Galaxy A90 has almost everything that is available to the flagship 5G models. A screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches, a 48-megapixel camera, support for the Samsung DeX docking station (first in the A line). In October, the mobile phone will appear in Europe. The novelty works on the top Snapdragon 855 chipset, and the X50 5G modem in it is a separate chip. After the advent of more affordable chips, there will be another decrease in the cost of 5G technology. Processor manufacturers have already begun to actively work in this direction.

With faith in the budget Qualcomm

At IFA 2019, Qualcomm announced that it plans to expand its line of chipsets with 5G support by integrating modems in the Snapdragon 6, 7, and 8 series. According to the tech giant, today affiliate brands plan to use these chips in 150 projects, and 12 of them rely on Snapdragon 7- th ruler. Interested companies include: OPPO, realme, Redmi, vivo, Motorola and Nokia.

According to forecasts, the expansion of the Qualcomm family of chipsets with 5G support will make fifth-generation networks available to two billion users. Qualcomm’s goal is to make 5G smartphones comparable in price to 4G devices. Costing no more than $ 800.

Samsung and HUAWEI presented their own 5G solutions at IFA 2019. Samsung Exynos 980 received a 5G modem built into the processor. This reduces the cost of production and improves energy efficiency. The Korean corporation has planned serial production of new chips at the beginning of 2020.

HUAWEI also built a modem in its Kirin 990, which will equip the Mate 30. Its presentation is scheduled for September 19.

Affordable 5G very close

Although the 5G smartphones available on the market today are expensive, there are exceptions. OnePlus 7 Pro 5G will cost $ 840, and for Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G they ask for $ 679, which is even less than the price of many flagship 4G models.

The most affordable devices compatible with fifth-generation networks are offered by Motorola. Moto Z3, Moto Z4 and Moto Z2 Force can be equipped with a special mod that gives support for 5G. For a limited time, a kit from a smartphone and a mod will cost $ 440.

Motorola representatives said that they are trying to minimize the cost of phones in order to offer developing markets a decent range. The brand plans to promote 5G devices, but in today’s situation, “5G for $ 399” is fraught with forced compromises. For example, the rejection of the normal camera and filling.

At IFA 2019, Nokia was also noted, which promised to introduce an “affordable and at the same time premium smartphone” next year.

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