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A blogger outrages his followers by making a joke with his girlfriend with a dye in the bathroom

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Jiya Saini
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Blogger Kristen Hanby, who runs a YouTube channel, posted a video showing how he mocks his girlfriend Jasmine by pouring fabric ink into the bath foam, but many of his followers were outraged by the ‘joke’.

The young woman goes to the bathroom, and then you hear screaming. Jasmine comes out of the bathroom in a towel with her arms and legs completely blue.

Hanby laughs at her and calls her “the world’s angriest smurf.”

A Twitter user shared this video on his page and commented that he did not find it funny at all, and many supported him.

“He could have literally killed her. It is unacceptable for a fabric dye to come into contact with the genitals, eyes or mouth. It is extremely dangerous. You need to go to a doctor because this can seriously harm your health,” said one user.

Some of the netizens accused Hanby of disrespecting the young woman.

“What did she do to him? Such things are usually done for revenge, no one makes such jokes for nothing,” says one of the comments.

But there were also those who decided to defend the joker.

“I think many of the girls who reproach this video would laugh if something like this happened to the boy,” commented one user.

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