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Elon Musk, among the five richest men in the world

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SpaceX company founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is among the 5 richest people in the world, according to the Forbes list of millionaires.

According to the latest data from Forbes magazine, the fortune of the Tesla CEO has increased by $ 5.1 billion, accumulating a total of $ 74.2 billion.

The list of millionaire ‘s continues to lead the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, whose fortune has increased by 13.0 million totalling 189,000 million total. The second place is occupied by the president of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, with $ 113.8 billion.

Third place among the world’s millionaires is occupied by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates with a fortune of $ 113.4 billion, followed by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg with $ 90.3 billion.

Elon Musk has created numerous projects such as SolarCity, PayPal or SpaceX among others, but his main source of income is Tesla. On July 14, an analyst at the American investment bank Piper Sandler forecast that Tesla shares will continue to rise until reaching a record high of $ 2,322.

On July 10, Elon Musk managed to overcome the fortune of Warren Buffett one of the most important investors in the world and less than two weeks dethroned the businessman and former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer from fifth place.

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