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Founder Dodo Pizza spoke about business in Nigeria and the Arctic

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Dodo Pizza expects to achieve revenues of $ 500 million in 2021 and $ 1 billion by 2024, the founder of the company, Fedor Ovchinnikov, said in an interview with Bloomberg.

  • The Dodo Pizza chain has over 500 franchised restaurants in 11 countries. Weekly sales range from $ 48,000 at an institution in Novy Urengoy to thousands of dollars in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
  • The most successful Dodo Pizza restaurants are located beyond the Arctic Circle – in Norilsk and Salekhard.
  • In October, the first network establishment in Nigeria will open. In total, in the next five years, Dodo Pizza expects to open a thousand restaurants in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Restaurants in Africa will develop the British Quality Foods Africa (QFA), which bought the rights to 20 establishments. QFA Director Alex Trotter noted that the restaurant business is becoming more and more technological, and Dodo Pizza, according to him, is “one of the leaders in its class.”

We are a cyborg company. Half – catering, half – IT. This is our advantage. We are incredibly effective,”said Ovchinnikov in a conversation with Bloomberg.

  • The company monitors its cash flows in real time through its own Dodo IS system – this is a “mixture” of software and analytics stored in the cloud. The data is available to employees of any network institution anywhere in the world, writes Bloomberg.
  • Through Dodo IS, they also monitor online orders and cash desk operations, coordinate couriers and manage deliveries. The system also analyzes sales.
  • Dodo Pizza is developing another function of the system: the automatic launch of marketing campaigns in regions where sales are falling.

Ovchinnikov founded Dodo Pizza in 2011 in Syktyvkar. Initially, the company worked only for delivery; since 2015, the company has opened establishments abroad, including in the USA and China. In early 2018, the company fell into a scandal with a drug case.

  • Two packages with a psychoactive substance were found in one of Moscow restaurants.
  • Ovchinnikov was summoned for questioning even before they were discovered on a statement whose author was named Ekaterina Pronina, an investor in a pizzeria in Lyubertsy. Pronina stated that she didn’t file an application, and her signature was falsified.
  • Police later called the case a misunderstanding and closed it, in May 2018, Ovchinnikov said that the investigation was resumed at the request of the prosecutor’s office.
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