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A new headache for the new born Apple TV + and Disney + debuts

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Kamal Saini
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Streaming of high-definition and unauthorized multimedia content in the browser: BayStream debuts on The Pirate Bay.

From the pages of the TorrentFreak site, today comes a signal that can potentially create some headaches for streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu as well as for the newborn Apple TV + and Disney +: the first details of an initiative have emerged on The Pirate Bay named BayStream. Needless to point out that the contents in question are mostly published and shared without authorization, thus constituting copyright infringement.

The Pirate Bay launches BayStream

At the moment it is not known whether those responsible are the same ones who are carrying out the TPB project or others. Also referring to the source, in the table that lists the content shared by the community on peer-to-peer circuits, an icon marked “B” appears for videos. Pressing it you are catapulted to a browser window where you can start streaming in high definition and without the waiting times required for download.

The BayStream homepage is basically made up of a button to start uploading files that must be no larger than 20 GB. At the end of the upload, the content is indexed in the catalogue of The Pirate Bay.

Baystream from The Pirates Bay brings headache for Apple and Disney

At the moment everything seems to be still in a testing phase, with many links leading to a nothing done and others to the appearance of errors. In some cases, however, everything works as expected, with a quality of the audio-video sector that has nothing to envy to that of the official platforms. The initiative, whose survival is for obvious reasons to be verified, brings to mind the one already put in place in 2016 by The Pirate Bay through the integration of the Torrents Time plugin precisely for the direct streaming of uploaded content.

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