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The new NOMAD wireless charging base, it charges at any point on its surface

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Manish Saini
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Many alternatives to the AirPower have emerged since Apple announced it and finally abandoned it. The problem with all of them is that none of them managed to do what Apple promised with the AirPower: charge anywhere on the surface. NOMAD however seems to have achieved it with its new wireless charging base, where we can charge up to three devices leaving them anywhere on the base.

The accessory manufacturer has a long history of covers, cables and other products for Apple devices. Although it has been its Base Station wireless charging base that has surprised us the most. A new iteration of this wireless charging base will arrive soon, and this time you can charge the iPhone or other devices by placing them in any way.

In any position and any product Qi

As NOMAD has shared in a series of videos and as Revyuh has been able to find out, NOMAD has been working with Aira for this new base. Aira has its own technology that allows wireless charging through an array of 18 coils. This matrix analyzes where the device to be charged has been placed and sends the energy to that area to charge the device.

The new NOMAD Base Station Pro is compatible with the Qi standard, therefore with all devices that use this wireless charging method. This includes Apple’s iPhone and its AirPods, although not the Apple Watch. It also has up to four integrated USB-C and USB-A ports.

At the moment NOMAD has not yet revealed the price of this new wireless charging base or the exact launch date. Anyone who wants one can join the NOMAD waiting list and will be notified of its availability.

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