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Viral Video of crazy animals: This shark loves butts

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In Indonesia, a video of whale shark went viral in which this crazy animal approaches a young boy and touches his butts.

The images of the published video show how the shark swims to the boy partially submerged in the water but does not attack him.

The young man is scared at first, but he is still in the water. His friends on the boat started throwing fish at the shark to distract his attention, but the animal did not hurt anyone.

“This incident was an unimaginable experience. At first, I thought that the animal would attack me without compassion, but it behaved like a very gentle and friendly creature”, the hero of the video said sincerely.

The Whale sharks reach up to 20 meters in length and when adults normally behave like slow, lethargic creatures that suck plankton out of the water to feed. However, in childhood, everyone likes to play.

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