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Detective Pikachu: in real life the cohabitation between humans and Pokémon would look like

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In Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, Rob Letterman depicts Ryme City as a utopian city, where humans and Pokémon live in perfect harmony. In reality, things would obviously be a little more complicated.

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Admittedly, Taupiqueur is cute. But in real life, the Pokémon is an ultra-tough mole that can destroy any soil at the slightest tunnel attack. No one has ever seemed interested in the anime or the games, but in real life, the Pokémon would be a real scourge for the DDE agents, who should constantly retype the roads. Not to mention the inside of a house, where the Taupickers would make a real carnage every time out of Pokéball.

Impossible to tar the roads of the blow

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Queulorior is cute, but above all extremely messy. The only interest of the Pokémon lies in its ability to paint everything around it with its tail. In the enchanted and marvelous world of Pokemon, not only does this strange talent cause no attempt at gravelly humor, but the creature seems perfectly acclimatized to the rules of human propriety. In real life, things would probably be different. If humans have never managed to find a miracle solution to prevent cats from going out of bed, it’s a safe bet that a world populated with Queulorior (potentially wild) would quickly turn into a real one. psychedelic anarchy worthy of a bad trip of the 70s. Once again, the DDE would be busy.

Palme d’Or of the most messy Pokémon

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Not only Electrode has never had a great interest in the saga, but in addition the Pokémon is a real public danger . According to the Pokédex of Saphir Alpha and Rubis Omega , its initial stage Voltobre would have been created after the explosion of a Pokéball, exposed to too much energy. In addition to being potentially radioactive, the Pokémon is above all extremely sensitive. In episode 58 of season 2, Sacha, Ondine and Pierre discover a ghost town filled with Electrode, deserted by humans because of their dangerousness. It must be said that the slightest jolt, the monster literally explodes on the spot . A cohabitation with humans would be announced so complicated …

The Pokémon is a huge time bomb

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In almost eight generations, Pokémon have taken such ridiculous as strange forms. But the Golden Palm is definitely back to Miasmax, the fifth-generation Pokémon whose only characteristic is to look like a pile of rubbish. Capable of throwing poisoned burps and ingesting garbage , the creature is dirty, visibly very bad, and imposes itself as the worthy successor of Grotadmorv, who is also presented as his nemesis by the Pokédex of Ultra Soleil and Ultra Moon.

Who wants this kind of thing at home?

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It’s one of the cutest Pokémon the world has ever worn. But we must be clear, community life with the (not so) pocket monster would be unbearable. Already in the games, Ronflex goes to sleep anywhere, blocks the roads and causes big traffic problems, forcing the characters to make huge and useless detours. In real life, we can already imagine the traffic jams and problems of all kinds that Ronflex could generate. Not to mention domestic accidents with their trainers, who died muffled under the weight of the beast.

Thanks but no thanks

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In episode 33 of the animated Pokémon, Sacha rides Ponyta in a frantic marathon. If the creature has all of a horse, the creators of Pokémon probably forget a rather important detail: The Pokémon is literally  IN FIRE. And his flaming mane runs from his head to the middle of his back. Unless equipped accordingly, it is physically impossible to mount it. In addition, if the animal begins to gallop in dry grass, the world may quickly turn into a giant fire.

So there, Sacha is not burning his face?

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As our society is more and more connected, Magneti, and all Electro Pokémon in general, will become a daily plague. We do not think about it enough, but the mere presence of the Pokémon could decimate our blue cards, put HS our cell phones, and even much more sensitive devices, such as pacemakers or hearing aids. Not to mention all the problems related to the electricity network.

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