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Study reveals the harmful side effect of fasting

When do you go on fasting, both religiously and as a personal choice? If that's the case, you may be wondering how a fasting...

A popular breakfast food that increases Diabetes risk by 60 percent, according to experts

More than a third of people in the U.S. have diabetes, and around 10.5% of the population is affected. The Institute for Alternative Futures has...


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Apple unveils iOS 15 at WWDC 2021 – What’s New

The new operating system will receive a number of improvements aimed at both maintaining the personal data of users and increasing the functionality of...


US Senate Democrats agree on a $3.5 trillion infrastructure package

U.S. Senate Democrats on the Budget Committee agreed to establish a top-line spending threshold of $3.5 trillion for a measure that would enact the...

Iranian oil minister says Tehran can rapidly increase oil production once US sanctions are removed

Should the United State relax sanctions it enforced on Iran, the Islamic nation will be in a position to quickly increase crude oil production...

Underwater gas pipeline leak causes massive fire in Gulf of Mexico – Video

The Mexican state oil company reported on Friday, July 2, that it suffered a rupture in a submarine pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico,...

Covid debt could lead to new European sovereign crisis – warns expert

According to a senior economist, the COVID-19 debt situation could easily turn into another eurozone crisis. During the pandemic, virtually every country in the world...

Supreme Court of Texas Holds Facebook Accountable for Child Sex Trafficking Recruitment

The Supreme Court of Texas ruled on Friday that if human traffickers use Facebook to target children, the social network can be held responsible,...
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Michael Packard is a young diver who was swallowed and later spat out by a cetacean in Massachusetts. An expert analyzes how he managed to...
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