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Are selfie face filters hurting teenage girls?

Millions of people use Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok face filters. They are automated photo editing tools that detect facial features and modify them: using them...


US officials urge people to stop using Tread+ machine if they have children or pets

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received lots of reports of children and animals being pulled underneath the Peloton Tread+ machine and getting trapped. One...

While some still wait for latest stimulus check, others receiving ‘plus-up’ payment

The third batch of $1,400 stimulus checks is still being delivered to qualified US taxpayers across the country. But this week, some people have started...

Biden takes tough action on US high earners with significant tax increase

On Wednesday President Joe Biden declared tax increases that will mark businesses, married couples, high earners on more than $400,000.  During a speech at the...

Netflix splurges more than $30m on securing the documentary from Kanye West

Following success with concert films from the likes of Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift, Netflix has reportedly splurged more than $30m...

Biden’s socialism: Joe’s plan to save America

US President Joe Biden presented the US $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure development plan. Donald Trump promised to make America great again, Joe Biden promises to...
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The attacker released one hostage - now there are three bank employees and one security guard in the building. In Georgia, an armed man broke...
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