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The ‘D’ in your ‘health’ – unusual signs of vitamin D deficiency

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While vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining our health, it’s deficiency can result in unusual symptoms that can be difficult to identify.

Vitamin D is one of those nutrients that is vital for the healthy functioning of the human body. It plays a significant role in regulating calcium and phosphate in the body. Vitamin D helps in strengthening teeth, muscles and bones. 

However, a deficiency of Vitamin unlike other vitamins, is a little tricky to identify, since it does not necessarily make one feel unwell. These symptoms are invariably prevalent during winters.

According to the famous pharmacist Suzy Cohen, here’s the list of the atypical symptoms that you should look for in order to identify a deficiency of vitamin D.

Skin Rashes

One of the commonly experienced atypical symptoms of such deficiency is having rashes on the skin. You may not be able to trace its cause.  But to your surprise, it can be due to deficiency of vitamin D. Stomach bloating can also be an unusual symptom of deficiency of vitamin D.

Noisy Breathing

Some patients with such deficiency have also been found to breathe noisily or wheeze for no clear reason.

Bone Pain

Vitamin D is extremely vital for maintaining the health of our bones. It is known for its role of absorbing calcium. This plays a major part in maintaining the health of bones. Lack of this vitamin in your blood can make bones weak and can cause pain.


According to Celebrity Pharmacist Suzy Cohen, some people may even feel tearful because of inadequate levels of vitamin D.

Stomach Bloating

Experiencing an unexplained bloating in your stomach can also be a symptom of shrinking levels of your vitamin D.

Muscle weakness

Lack of vitamin D and the consequent decrease in absorption of essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphate can lead to weakening of muscles, which may result in aching.

According to the NHS, vitamin D is extremely important for one’s physical and mental health. Sunlight is the primary source of this vitamin. However with the modern lifestyle and the prevailing global circumstances keeping us all indoors, it can be difficult to know whether one is at risk of such deficiency.

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