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Vitamins capable of preventing coronavirus and strengthening your immune system

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Science has again shown that one of the best ways to cope with the mortality and spread of COVID-19 is by keeping the immune system in good shape. That is why it is important to take into account the foods that are part of the daily diet because we find different vitamins in them.

Vitamin D is important to the function of the immune system and vitamin D supplements have previously been shown to lower the risk of viral respiratory tract infections,” said David Meltzer, lead author of study at the UChicago Medicine.

Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of COVID-19 infections. The study included 500 Americans and showed that the lack of this vitamin in the body made them more vulnerable not only to a virus spread but also increased mortality.

According to Meltzer, “Understanding whether treating vitamin D deficiency changes COVID-19 risk could be of great importance locally, nationally and globally. Vitamin D is inexpensive, generally very safe to take, and can be widely scaled.”

Vitamin D can be obtained through ultraviolet rays from the sun and also from foods such as fish oil, Omega 3, dairy, egg yolks and mushrooms among many others. This vitamin not only strengthens the immune system but is also needed to improve thyroid function, regular blood clotting, pressure stabilization, heart rate, nervous system and also prevents the development of cancer cells.

According to the nutritionist consulted by the Revyuh, not only vitamin D is capable of strengthening the immune system, but it is also vital as it is supplemented with other vitamins.

Actually, it is not a secret for anyone that diet plays an important role because through food we provide our body with the vitamins it requires to strengthen the immune system.

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