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Flintstones Challenge: Food blogger shares her 2.5 kgs massive tomahawk wagyu beef steak

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Kate Ovens, famed for taking on the biggest meals on offer, turned chef and cooked the massive tomahawk wagyu beef steak herself, so big she couldn’t even find a plate big enough to fit it.

The 27-year-old, from Fleet, Hamps., spent close to five hours slowly cooking the $275 chunk of beef on her barbecue.

It tipped the scales at almost 2.5kg and she used a paintbrush to baste it with almost an entire stick of butter.

Kate then plated it up with a mound of chips, and managed to demolish the entire 6000-calorie meal.

Kate said:

“I love doing steak challenges, mostly because I love steak.

“With this challenge, I really didn’t try to do it quickly, because I wanted to savour every bite, but the meat was just so tender and delicious, so it didn’t take me much longer than about 20 minutes.

“I always wanted to cook my own challenge, but I was a bit apprehensive about potentially overcooking such an expensive piece of meat.”

Reverse searing is where the steak is slowly cooked for hours to make it as tender as possible, before being finished off in a very hot pan.

Kate slow-cooked the slab of beef for more than four hours, while liberally basting with almost an entire stick of butter.

Kate’s biggest obstacle was finding a plate big enough to fit her big portion of chips and massive steak – which she liberally brushed melted butter over just before tucking in.

She said:

“I’ve been jokingly calling this my Flintstones Challenge, because the steak was so big it looked like it could have come from a dinosaur.

“The biggest problem though was that I didn’t have any plates big enough to fit it all on, and I didn’t want to eat off a tray.

“It was a real struggle to find an extra-large plate, but I eventually found one that was just about big enough.

“I like my steak medium rare, but with such a big piece of meat, I had to do it on the barbecue because it wouldn’t fit under the grill.

“I used the low, and slow, method of cooking to make sure it was nice and pink in the middle.

“It took all afternoon to cook, but it was so delicious, I would happily do it all again.”

Wagyu beef is famed for its rich, marbled fat that runs through the steak, meaning Kate’s challenge melted in her mouth, even though it was three inches thick.

Kate is famed for taking on huge food challenges in restaurants, including Britain’s biggest kebab, and a three-foot-long sausage roll, but this is the first time she cooked her own belly-busting meal.

Her food challenge videos regularly get millions of views online, and she has more than 265,000 followers on her Kate Ovens Facebook fan page.

She said:

“From the first mouth-watering bite to the last, I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.

“Like many people, I’ve definitely gotten a bit more into cooking over lockdown, so I’ll probably do a few more home-cooked challenges – but I’m also very glad that restaurants are reopening.”

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