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Police arrest alligator from Florida mall

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Although more than one may feel terrified by the situation, some netizens have joked in the comments section

The Florida Police Department has shared on its Facebook page the images of two agents taking out an alligator that managed to penetrate a shopping center in the city of Largo. In order to intercept him, the officers placed a bag on the animal’s head. The snapshots reveal that one of the agents used a rod to control the reptile.

The post, in turn, referred to by FOX News, points out that the alligator is a wild intruder that has sneaked into the Largo shopping center. 

An added hashtag confirms that the intercepted animal is an alligator. The Florida Police Department has also attached an image of the reptile prior to its capture. The snapshot, in which the animal can be seen prowling near a brick wall, is titled “The suspect just before the apprehension.”

Although more than one may feel terrified by the situation, some Facebook users joked in the comments section. One of them has written that the alligator “was just doing the shopping.” A second netizen has pointed out that it was strange to see the animal near the Target portion of the mall.

It’s not the first time

Something curious about this story is that it is not an isolated event. Added to this episode is another woman who found an alligator in the lobby of a Florida post office. 

Apparently, the reptile entered the front door of the building and stayed there.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office shared the incident on Facebook in mid-June, stating that it received notifications about the presence of an alligator at a post office at 3:30 a.m. local time.

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