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Ricky Martin, concerned about being “Latino, gay, and married to an Arab man” in the US

The Puerto Rican artist has wanted to comment on the current situation in his country of residence, where thousands of people protest daily after the death of George Floyd

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For more than two weeks, the United States has seemed a completely different place because of all the protests and social movements that have taken place following the murder of George Floyd, an African-American citizen, by the hands of four white policemen.

Although this loss was not the only one in the country, it has ended up becoming a symbol of the fight against racism and has made thousands of people from around the world stand in solidarity. That is why, since the event took place, dozens of celebrities such as Ricky Martin have wanted to comment on the discrimination present in all areas of society.

The Puerto Rican singer, who has been living in Miami for a long time, has broken his silence and shared his reflections on the concern he feels in the current situation about being a foreigner and about his sexual orientation on the television show Suelta la sopa.

“I am a Latino, gay and married to an Arab man. Living in the United States. I am a threat to these people, no matter where you see it,” said the artist, who admits that, over time, his perception of how racial discrimination lives where he lives has changed.


“I didn’t grow up thinking that the United States was like that. But America was like that. What happens is that now we have cameras and we see it. Now we as citizens turn on the phone, we record the injustice and we get angry. Now we are seeing it. I do not know, I do not know. I teach my children love,” admits the singer, who assures that he and her husband, Jwan Josef, are trying to ensure that the little ones are as little as possible of what is happening so that they do not worry.

“We are realistic, but this last month we have tried to watch as little television as possible. I do stay informed because I have to know what’s going on. But I think it was great therapy to get kids off the screen. Even though they are not watching television, they are listening to what is going on. For me it has been very important, for my healing in one way or another, to move away from”, added Ricky Martin.

Although he admits that he is concerned about the situation of minorities in the United States, the singer has assured that he has conditions that allow him to be less exposed to risks, even if they exist: “I live this every day, not so exposed Because I live isolated, at home, calm, I go from here to my work, from work I return home. But we live here, we hear the stories, we feel. Getting out of the car (…) and stopping for coffee can be dangerous ”.

To close his reflection, the Puerto Rican has made direct reference to the case of George Floyd, about whom he wanted to show his indignation that cases such as that of the African American are still alive: “In cases like this, gentlemen, we must speak of love: no It matters who you love, no matter where you come from, your social class, your skin color … It makes me sick to have to be talking about this! It seems incredible that we have to be talking about this in 2020 in the United States”.

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