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This Italian dog knows how to do amazing tricks with his skateboard

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This Italian dog nicknamed Rush drives his skateboard between traffic cones better than some motorists with a driver’s license do. In these clips published on YouTube, one can see his amazing performance.

In the first video, you can see how Rush slides over its board by a narrow serpentine of cones placed about 50 centimeters in front of each other.

Rush manages to reach the end of the path without overturning an object. To achieve this, he had to make a few curves, squeezing the skateboard with his paws so that it rises on its three wheels.

In fact, this isn’t the only trick you can do. In another clip, you can see how he drives blindfolded without losing his balance.

“He is a dog who was terrified of skateboards and that in just one month manages not only to overcome his fears but also to develop an incredible mastery,” writes the Viral Hog channel in the description of the video.

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