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Rescue WOLF who loves nothing more than a paw massage | Video

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Kamal Saini
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Takoda the wolf has been living at the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Bellvue, Colorado, USA since September 2018, after he was rescued.

The four-year-old grey wolf-cross loves a foot massage – and will shake his leg and tap his keeper as soon as she stops rubbing his feet to remind her to continue.

W.O.L.F. Director of Development Jessica Kole said: “He has such a gentle heart, and his name translates to Friend to Everyone, which is very fitting for the big wolf-dog.”

He was taken into a shelter in Washington State and held in isolation for nine months as part of a criminal matter involving his previous owner.

Susan Weidel, rescue coordinator, said: “Because Takoda was a wolf-dog, he was only permitted to have very limited contact with staff and he was not permitted to be in the exercise yard with other animals.

“W.O.L.F. was able to rescue him when he was no longer considered ‘evidence’.

“Takoda has always enjoyed paw massages for as long as we have had him.

“Takoda loves to be scratched, wrestle and play with Kira, chase squirrels and run the fence with neighbouring groups.

“Takoda is a captive born wolf dog and could not survive in the wild. W.O.L.F. provides lifetime sanctuary for every animal we rescue.

“He will live with his companion Kira in a pristine mountain setting in a habitat that is nearly half an acre in size.

“He and his companion run and play up the side of a mountain all day. It is as close to a natural habitat that these animals would find in the wild.”

He is thought to be 34% grey wold mixed with Malamute, Husky and German Shepherd.

The clip was filmed by sanctuary volunteer Linde Carmack on January 21 2021.

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