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Biden Pandemic: a ‘war against wages’ and a ‘trojan horse’ of worth $2 trillion – says former White House economic adviser

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Aakash Molpariya
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Larry Kudlow, a former White House economic adviser, called Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure package a “war against wages” and a “trojan horse”.

Former White House advisor branded Biden’s move as a “socialist model” which is looking for “the demise of private companies”.

He criticized severely Mr. President and his White House cabinet for taking economic power into the hands of White House officials with their “tax attack” on US companies that may result in “a tragedy” and “a gigantic build up” of the welfare state in the United States.

According to him, these moves clearly show that the new government wants to grab the power of the US economy.

The former economic adviser stressed: “The ideology here is to enable Washington bureaucrats and central planners to have the power in our economy and seek the demise of private companies and free enterprise private economy.

“There is no question when President Biden talked about a ‘new paradigm’ he’s talking about a welfare paradigm, he’s talking about diminishing the private economy and the free enterprise and enabling these central planners.”

He called their move a “socialist model” and slammed the White House for its “war against wages” for middle-class people stateside.

“At the route of this whole infrastructure plan which is really not about infrastructure it’s kind of a trojan horse.”

He added it was in fact a “tax attack on American corporations”, “companies large and small” and a “gigantic build up of the welfare state with no work requirements.”

Mr Kudlow warned that the move is “going to have grave consequences” not only for the way the US is run but also the “economy itself” which with the reopening is currently booming, he said this move is the “wrong direction absolutely.”

He finished by saying: “Next year could be a much much weaker year and the year after that much worse – it’s a tragedy, tragedy.”

Mr. President’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which will be forwarded to get Congress approval, is being taken as the American Jobs Plan.

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