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Donations to Democrats skyrocketed after Ginsburg’s death

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Kamal Saini
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Over $ 97 million in donations so far this morning on the ActBlue donation platform – Increase in donations is also reported by donation platforms for Republicans without providing data

Donations to Democratic candidates skyrocketed after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court, approaching $ 100 million early Sunday.

ActBlue, one of the largest fundraising platforms for the left, including Joe Biden’s campaign against President Donald Trumpreceived more than $ 97 million in the run-up to the announcement of Ginsburg’s death by morning.

A donation record was set on Saturday as $ 70.6 million was raised and the donation record was broken twice in one hour. In August, ActBlue raised $ 485.4 million, or about $ 15.7 million a day.

Amid the devastating loss of Justice Ginsburg, it is inspiring to see people taking action to honor her legacy,” said ActBlue chief executive Erin Hill, adding that donors were giving money to return a Democratic majority to the Senate and win the Senate House.

However, it will not be known for which candidates and committees the money was given until October 20, when ActBlue will announce the data to the Federal Election Commission.

The Republican State Leadership Committee, which is active in the Senate election, announced that Saturday also had one of the best fundraising days, but did not release any data.

ActBlue’s WinRed platform, which raises money for Republican candidates, did not provide data on donations after Ginsburg’s death, but some Republicans are using the upcoming race for the Supreme Court to attract donors.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” committee, which raises money for Trump’s campaign, and the Republican National Committee sent emails to donors Saturday, praising Ginsburg as “an amazing woman who lived an amazing life,” adding: that “we have an obligation to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court. A message sent by the Make America Great Again commission promised that Trump would appoint a conservative judge to the Supreme Court vacancy.

Trump himself said on Saturday that he would likely nominate a woman to replace Ginsburg this week, adding that it would be “very good” if the Senate approved his choice before the Nov 3 election.

However, Democrats are opposed to filling the position until the presidential election.

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