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Are Hispanic Americans more at risk of dying from Covid-19 than others

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As the pandemic is progressing towards Southern and Western parts of the country, the number of coronaviruses related deaths among Hispanic Americans have risen significantly.

A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), highlighting the fact was published last week. In the last four months, there has been a significant rise of 10.1 % of deaths among the Hispanic American people. The time period for these recorded deaths is from May 1 to August 30.

On May 1, the recorded cases of Covid-19 deaths in Hispanic American community stood at 16.3%, whereas, the numbers rose to 26.4% by the end of August.

Percentage of Deaths among Americans by CDC

According to the demography of the United States of America, Hispanic Americans form about 18.3% of the country which is not even one-fifth of the total population. The figures indicate an imbalanced rise in Coronavirus related deaths among them in relation to their share in demography.

The reason for such disproportionate deaths has been linked to emerging new hotspots in the country which are in the southern and western parts, where the majority of Hispanic American people reside according to experts. As the hotspots shifted and months progressed the deaths in Northeastern region declined from 44.2% in the end of April to 4% by the end of August.

In May, the southern part of the country accounted for 23% of deaths whereby the end of August the numbers increased to 62%, making it the worst-hit part of the country.

Percentage of deaths location wise by cdc

The living situation between Blacks and Hispanic Americans in the country could be a possible reason. As they still live in homes with many generations living together increasing their chances of getting exposed to the virus as claimed by the Scientists working with the government.

More than 60% of the American population is white, whereas recorded deaths among them stand at 51.3%.

Similarly, black people who are about 13% of the population have 19% of the fatality rate which is significantly high in accordance with their demographic share.

According to the CDC’s report:

“This analysis found that ethnic disparities among decedents in the West and South increased during May–August, 2020, suggesting that the geographic shift alone does not entirely account for the increase in percentage of Hispanic decedents nationwide. Disparities in COVID-19 incidence and deaths among Hispanic persons and other underrepresented racial and ethnic groups are well documented…Inequities in the social determinants of health can lead to increased risk for SARS-CoV-2 exposure among some racial and ethnic groups.”

The report further explained:

‘for example, persons from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups might be more likely to live in multigenerational and multifamily households, reside in congregate living environments, hold jobs requiring in-person work (e.g., meatpacking, agriculture, service, and health care).’ 

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