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The COP25 of Madrid, the second cheapest Climate Summit with 50 million cost

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The Council of Ministers has certified the total cost of holding in Madrid the XXV Conference (COP25) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change between December 2  and 15 is about 50 million euros.

During the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the acting Minister of the Government, Isabel Celaá, stressed that this has been “the second-lowest-cost COP” of the last 9 years, since the Warsaw Summit (Poland) in 2013 (COP19), which had a cost of 35 million euros – the cheapest – and “one of the most popular in recent years.”

Celaá recalled that Spain assumed to be “host” and organize the Summit in just five weeks since it could not be held in Santiago de Chile because of the situation of “urgency” in the South American country.

Thus, she said that in addition to the 50 million euros to which we must add another 3.1 million more than the UN headquarters agreement. The acting minister points out that the main beneficiaries of the economic return of the COP will be the Community of Madrid and the city of Madrid.


Of the total cost, she pointed out that the sponsoring entities have covered around 20 per cent of the planned cost and that at this time the Government has also prepared a budget so that European funds can co-finance this Climate Summit.

The realization of multiple urgent actions, some of which could not be taken care of with the own resources of the General Administration of the State, has required the hiring of third parties, through public contracts.

Celaá has added some detail regarding the expenses and has indicated that of the total budget, 48,078,258 euros correspond to the contract with the Madrid Fair Institution (IFEMA) for the temporary transfer of spaces, adapt the infrastructure and provision of the set of services necessary for the organization and for holding the summit.

As for the contract with Radio Televisión Española to offer the ‘pool’ signal, she has said that it amounts to € 850,421 and to adapt the workspace for the international press, while the cost of the free local transport of the participants of the summit was € 160,800.

The total cost of implementation and evaluation of management systems, environmental sustainability and certification, was € 16,700.

Likewise, the protocol attention for heads of State and Government and members of the United Nations amounts to € 37,783; The dissemination actions and the program of activities for the dissemination of the Summit cost about € 26,762 and the translation services amount to € 21,297.

Finally, it has concluded that the Government is “satisfied” with both the organization and “with the result” of this Summit.

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