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Google Photos mimics Memories similarly like iOS 13 feature

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Amit Kumar
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How did the children look for their birthday in the years before? This question can be answered by the new feature “Memories” from Google Photos, if the user holds such images in his online album.

The playback of the old photos and videos using memories reminds of Instagram stories and will gradually be made available to all users of Google Photos.

The user can use the interface to create a chronologically edited selection of photos and videos as a picture show, whereby Google only shows recordings from the albums, which are particularly well done. These are selected by machine learning. For example, photos should be shown primarily on which people smile. The function can be deactivated or even deliberately not display certain persons. In addition, the OCR function can be used to find images with photographed texts whose exact date of recording the user does not remember. This may be useful, for example, for street signs, hotel names or the like.

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A similar function has Apple for its upcoming operating system iOS 13 and iPad OS demonstrated. When traveling back in time, an algorithm should also focus on the most important photos. Apple uses facial recognition to identify people.

In the US, Google now also offers the option to order photo prints directly from the app and also the expression on screens is possible.

Google Photos is available as an app for Android and iOS.

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