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Fortnite could return to iPhones with the new version of GeForce Now for Safari

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Nvidia has developed a new version of its GeForce Now cloud-based game streaming service that runs on the Safari mobile browser, which could allow the Fortnite video game to be available again on Apple mobile phones.

The legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the video game developer responsible for Fortnite multiplayer, began due to the developer’s own mobile payment system, an alternative to that of Apple’s official App Store and Google Play platforms on Android, which earn commissions of up to 30 per cent.

Following this decision, Apple removed its app from the App Store, so Epic Games filed a report for monopolistic practices, and Apple then removed the epic developer profile and with it all of its video games.

In late August, the judge issued a ruling preventing Apple’s blocking of video game developer Epic Games and rejecting its multiplayer Fortnite from coming back to the App Store.

Nvidia currently offers GeForce Now for Mac, Windows, Android and Chromebook and, as stated by the British broadcaster BBC, will take this service to devices with the iOS operating system before Christmas.

In this sense, users could play Fortnite through the Safari browser on iPhones, although the game might be excluded from the list of games distributed on iPhone devices.

So far the company has not confirmed the new version of its cloud-based game streaming service for Safari.

“Nvidia does not comment on the arrival of new customers to the service, nor on the availability of any games on unannounced or unreleased platforms. Fortnite is not confirmed for GeForce Now on platforms beyond PC, Mac and Android”

a company spokesman told the BBC
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