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Google introduces Android Go Edition: a touch of high-end for beginners

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Jiya Saini
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After the big Android 10 update, Google has also improved the slim version of its popular smartphone operating system. The new version Android 10 Go is supposed to make devices with weak hardware faster and more secure. Also included are various improvements and innovations that Android 10 offers in the full version.

Google has released “Android 10” with many new features for download earlier this month. The update of the slimmed down Android Go version makes the manufacturer in the next weeks available.

New encryption for more security

The third generation of Android Go, which is characterized by a low consumption of performance and storage space, should improve the performance of low-performance entry-level smartphones. This is achieved by, on the one hand, fewer apps than before are pre-installed and, on the other hand, the apps adapted for the entry-level OS have become even slimmer.

By default, this means that twice as much storage space will be available in the future. Users can switch faster between different apps and start apps faster.

For added security, Google’s new entry-level encryption technology called “Adiantum” will be added. The secure encryption of data works with it, without affecting the performance of the device too much. Special hardware does not have to be installed.

Also improved was the file manager of the mobile Light-OS. The app makes suggestions for deleting unused files so that users have more free space available.

More Google Go apps

Another novelty is the “Gallery Go” photo app, which can perform artificially intelligent functions directly on the smartphone and thus automatically sort photos for people or objects without an Internet connection. KI is also used in Google’s read-aloud app for the spoken reproduction of texts such as text messages or websites. “Lens” in Google Go can also scan and read texts.

The moving image app Youtube Go, which should play videos as well as possible on slow Internet connections, has been further optimized and should now stream faster. Also other in-house apps are in Go versions on board, such as the Google search, the voice software Assistant, Gmail, Chrome or Google Maps. All are designed so that they should also work on low-power smartphones and poor network. However, users sometimes have to do without high-end functions.

Android Go was launched at Google’s Developer Conference in May 2017, with a particular focus on developing and emerging countries with weak infrastructure. According to Google, the “light” operating system has been installed in more than 1,600 mobile phone models over the past year and a half and is already driving more than 80 percent of entry-level smartphones – including the Samsung A2, Xiaomi Redmi or the Nokia 1 mobile phone.

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