Windows 10 excessive CPU usage: the solution may arrive in a few days

Microsoft Windows 10 excessive cpu usage issue

At the beginning of the week we saw how the forums and networks burned. Windows 10 users in the version under the KB4512941 patch complained about excessive CPU usage by their computers. Without performing demanding tasks, Windows pulled up to 40% consumption.

Although Microsoft initially denied as being the major issue, but now it ended up recognizing that the problem exist. After assuming the existence of the issue, they now claim that they are working on a solution that will arrive in the next few days.

The update released at the end of August under Windows 10 Build 18362.329 is causing excessive CPU consumption and therefore worsens the user experience when using a computer with the Microsoft operating system.

The Microsoft support page, after reviewing all cases and admitting the existence of a bug, and has admitted that there may be a “small number of users affected” by this problem because some may have disabled web integration in Windows Desktop Search.

The company states, on the same support page, that they are working to solve this problem and in the next few days it should be available as a patch. It may be released by mid-September so maybe we could see how it comes true next week.

“We are working on a resolution and estimate that a solution will be available in mid-September”

This explanation of Microsoft would coincide with the reason after the ruling that some affected people already gave. And it is that after this excessive behavior would be the SearchUI.exe file, part of Cortana, which would be monopolizing an exaggerated consumption of the CPU.

Although there is a “small number of users” affected, Microsoft team is sure that users will appreciate that the patch is launched quickly, at least not to have to opt for the most drastic solution to uninstall the update that is causing problems.

Source | Microsoft