An antitrust investigation on Android also for India

Google under the lens of the Indian authorities for possible abuse of dominant market position with the Android operating system.

An antitrust investigation on Android also for India

The attention of the New Delhi authorities focuses on Google and more specifically on Android , with the aim of clarifying the possible implications of the operating system’s domination of the local market. In other words , another antitrust case , this time in India , based on concerns very similar to those that have already placed the platform in Europe at the center of a long investigation concluded last year with a 4.34 billion sanction.

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India, antitrust investigation on Android

No official confirmation at the moment, but an indiscretion reported by two sources to Reuters. The CCI (Competition Commission of India) would take charge of the complaints and complaints of some other players in the sector (not specified), deciding in April to proceed with the launch of a  formal investigation . There is talk of a proceeding destined to last at least a year, with some of Google’s top management  being called upon to offer their version within the next few months.

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From bigG there are no comments or replies on the subject, but a statement that merely underlines and reiterates how Android has enabled millions of Indian citizens to connect to the Internet for the first time, thanks to the marketing of cheap devices . A spokesman for the Californian group, however, stressed that the company is willing to cooperate with CCI in order to demonstrate how the platform has not penalized, but favored, competition and innovation.

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Although not closely related to the geographical level, the issue is of particular interest and delicate for several reasons. First of all, if the global market share of Android is close to 80%, in India 99% of smartphones sold last year are based on one of the several versions (or fork) of the operating system. It was also the first area in the world to receive devices from the Android One line by far in 2014 , designed specifically to promote the spread of mobile technologies and services. All this without forgetting that this is the birthplace of its CEO, Sundar Pichai, born in 1972 born in the southern region of Madurai, who has never hidden pride in his Indian origins.

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Last year the CCI imposed on the Mountain View group the payment of a sum equivalent to about 17 million euros for practices linked to the search engine considered illegitimate and for the disputed abuse of a dominant position, focusing attention on the positioning of the its own flight search service within the SERPs, considered privileged and detrimental to competition.

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