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China gives away 1,000 respirators to New York while President Trump haggles over them

Hospital admissions fall in the Big Apple and rise on Long Island, the haven of the city's wealthy

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Once his press conference ended this Saturday, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, set out from Albany, the state capital, to go to the JFK airport in the Big Apple. While President Donald Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, haggle over the shipment of essential material to fight the coronavirus, Cuomo went to the metropolis to collect the donation of 1,000 respirators made by the Chinese government and billionaires Jack Ma and Joseph Tsi, co-founders of the Alibaba online supermarket.

After commenting that “the United States does not have the capacity to manufacture” these supplies, including masks or gowns, the governor broke the good news of that gift. And from the contribution of the state of Oregon, which has sent another 140 of those machines that mark the distance between life and death.

New York State figures continue to expand

The peak of the contagion still placed him between four and eight days. It is the critical moment, when there may be strangulation of the health system due to the lack of essential material.

A couple of days ago he assured that there were supplies of fans until next Monday. Now it seems that the forecast has improved somewhat, but still totally insufficient. According to his calculations, about 300 ventilators have to be sent to hospitals every day. Contributions from China and Oregon somewhat expand that livelihood margin. In addition, they have located another 500 unused respirators in private hospitals in the state. They are the machines that will be requisitioned by executive order and will be redistributed.

New York State figures continue to expand. The fatalities increased by 630 from Friday to Saturday, by 562 in the previous count. The state now has, according to Governor Cuomo’s Saturday morning numbers, about 114,000 positives and at least 3,565 deaths. In the total of the country, there are almost 300,000 infected and close to 8,000 deceased.

Hospitalizations in the Big Apple have fallen: from meaning 75% of the state total has gone to 10%. However, this figure has grown to 22% on Long Island

The death toll grows, the governor said. Although hospitalizations have decreased and the number of people intubated has climbed – almost a hundred from one day to the next, Cuomo highlighted that they have detected a trend. Hospitalizations in the Big Apple have fallen: from meaning 75% of the state total has gone to 10%. However, this number has grown to 22% on Long Island.

Long Island is the refuge of many rich people of the metropolis. Once its closure was decreed, many of these began the diaspora to their second residences or sought accommodation in that part of the state. “The virus does not move from the city to the north but to the east,” stressed the governor. He did not want to get wet. When asked if these numbers indicate the influence of that diaspora, Cuomo preferred to go off tangent. “We have no data,” he replied.

Cuomo did emphasize that “the use of the 2,500 field hospital beds at the Javits Center, the convention center in the far west of Manhattan, will make a difference. But the governor again claimed the need for people, even though more than 60,000 New Yorkers have volunteered and another 20,000 have volunteered from other states.

In a television appearance, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio again demanded help from the federal government over the need for supplies and medical personnel. De Blasio asked for a “national enlistment” to get more doctors or nurses. He estimated at 45,000 people the number of medical personnel required between April and May.

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