The explanation of the appearance of “The devil’s horns” at dawn in Qatar

    The explanation of the appearance of
    Two red horns emerge on the horizon (Elias Chasiotis)

    Elias Chasiotis took a series of photos on December 26 that have gone around the world and have been named as “the dawn of the devil”

    In the early morning of December 26, Elias Chasiotis took a series of photos that have returned to the world. It is a sequence in which you can appreciate the sunrise from Qatar. And although there are millions of spectacular photos about sunrises, those of Chasiotis are different from everything that had been seen so far. Instead of the sun, it seems that some evil red horns are emerging from the sea.

    The phenomenon has been baptized in social networks as “the dawn of the devil”, and although many think that it is a montage of Photoshop, it is real. The explanation is that that day there was a solar eclipse that was visible in Asia. Chasiotis intended to capture that moment with his camera. When the Moon covers the center of the Sun, a kind of ring of fire is created.

    Some of my recent eclipse images, processed by the friend and professional photographer Iakovos Strikis

    Posted by Elias Chasiotis on Sunday, January 5, 2020

    At the time of dawn, and from the location from where the photo was taken, the eclipse was already coming to an end, so there was no complete ring but the lower part of the circumference that forms the Sun. At the time that the star was visible on the horizon, giving the feeling that it was two giant horns.

    In addition, the author of the photographs has explained in the Astronomy Picture of the Day blog that the atmosphere had to do with the result. “It was really the atmosphere that helped create the image. The dark circle near the top of the reddened Sun is the Moon. This is because, along the way, the atmosphere had an unusually warm layer of air inversion that acted as a gigantic lens and created a second image,” explains Chasiotis.