Thousands of Hong Kong people protest on China’s founding day, despite the ban

Thousands of Hong Kong people protest on China's founding day, despite the ban

Several thousand people took to the streets of Hong Kong on Tuesday calling for the Chinese Communist Party to “return power to the people,” the Associated Press reported.

Police previously banned the holding of anti-government demonstrations on October 1 – the day of the founding of the PRC – and significantly increased security measures. However, despite the ban, Hong Kong residents gathered in numerous squares and streets. Most of them are dressed in black, since the protesters themselves call the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China “Day of Sorrow.” Some of them are holding flags of the People’s Republic of China crossed out by black crosses.

“Today we went out to tell the Communist Party that Hong Kong residents have no reason to celebrate,” one of the protesters said.

As part of security measures, most shopping centers are closed in Hong Kong, as well as 11 subway stations.

Celebrations are held in Beijing on Tuesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. A military parade was held in the capital, in which 15 thousand servicemen of the People’s Liberation Army of China took part, as part of the event, modern models of military equipment were shown.

Mass protests in Hong Kong against proposals for amendments to the law that would allow authorities to expel suspected criminals to mainland China began in June. Later they grew into riots and pogroms.

After the administration announced that consideration of the changes to the law was postponed, protesters put forward new demands. In particular, they are seeking proceedings on excessively harsh police actions during clashes with demonstrators, as well as Lam’s resignation as head of administration.

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